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Civil Cases-Don’t Go In Alone! You Need An Attorney After July 1, 2012

Civil Cases-Don’t Go In Alone! You Need An Attorney After July 1, 2012

The House and Senate passed a bill that states if you file a lawsuit and it is dismissed by the court you may have to pay the other parties’ expenses and attorney’s fees.  This piece of legislation is labeled as reducing litigation, but  it has potential to backlog an already overloaded court system with frivolous motions to dismiss.  The larger impact is that the legislation reduces any Tennessean’s access to the court system whether you are an individual, a business, a Republican or Democrat.  As a Tennessean with a legal claim you will have to weight exercising your constitutional right to pursue your legal civil claim in a court law against your fear of having to pay $10,000.00.

The bill states that if your civil claim is dismissed by the court then you may have to pay up to $10,000.00 in attorney fees and expenses to the other party. The supporters of the bill claim that it will reduce the number of lawsuits and will increase business and jobs.  Let’s analyze the bill one year from now! Make your representative accountable for their vote on the legislation and let’s ask how many jobs this bill creates.  Click here to see how your representative voted. Let’s see if the number of lawsuits is really reduced. Odds are the bill supporters will not have any jobs they can directly relate to its passage.

Don’t go in alone!  If you are a Tennessean and you have a civil claim whereby you have suffered real harms or loses from a auto accident, tractor trailer truck accident or a work or on the job injury due to the negligence or wrong acts of another don’t go into the case alone or late.  To read more about this new law “click on this link” to the Tennessee General Assembly.

To read the article regarding the new legislation click here. If you have questions or concerns about your claim and how the new law may impact your rights to pursue justice, then please click here to e-mail Jason G. Denton or call him directly at 615-443-8784.

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