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Eminent Domain

Eminent domain is the exercise of governmental power to take the property of citizens.  It is often referred to as condemnation.   Under the Constitution of the United States and the State of Tennessee, any citizen having property taken by the government is entitled to just compensation.  Just compensation is determined by a court, not the government.  Jere McCulloch practiced law in the area of eminent domain and condemnation for over 35 years having Represented property owners in  cases in Wilson, Sumner, Rutherford and Davidson Counties.  This includes takings by the State of Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), City governments and utilities.   He also represented governmental entities exercising the right to take property.

Eminent domain is a changing area of the law requiring expert witnesses.  Every case is unique.  Mr. McCulloch secured clients settlement of over $1,400,000 in a case in which the government offered $300,000 and secured a jury verdict of $690,000 in a case in which the government offered $150,000.

Mr. McCulloch was selected as one of the Best Lawyers in American by the Best Lawyers publication, a nationally known organization .

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