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Proposed Tennessee Laws Closing The Doors On Justice!

Proposed Tennessee Laws Closing The Doors On Justice!

Pending before Tennessee law makers are bills aimed at closing access to the courts. Last year, after attacking our educators, the Governor made it a priority to limit the recovery of folks injured or killed in work accidents, automobile wrecks, trucking accidents, and those injured by negligence of medical providers.  These limits were enacted to satisfy the insurance companies and health care industry that helped put the Governor in office.  The companies and individuals with resources decided that having money and power were not enough, they needed to take action to limit justice as well.  Click here for a see what was enacted last year to limit recover of injured Tennesseans.

This year there are bills aimed at punishing anyone who decides to exercise
their constitutional right to a trial before a judge or trial by jury.  House Bills 2942 and 2980 are before your General Assembly now.  Click here to view HB384. Click here to view HB2980.

These bills force a successful party that wins their lawsuit to pay the loser’s expenses if the successful party recovers less than 75% to 80% of what the loser offers to settle.  In summary, a party can be successful at trial and still have to pay the other party’s expenses. These bills have not passed yet!  If you or a loved one have ever been struck with tragedy of being injured or losing a  loved one to wrongful or negligent acts of another person, these bills can drastically impact your access to the courthouse and limit your ability to recover.

Read the bills; if these bills concern you or cause you to have questions about your legal rights as an injured Tennessean call your House Representative or Senator now and tell them your concerns and have them explain the proposed laws to you.  Click here for contact information for your House Representative or Senator.

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